Welcome to the World of Artistic

Alwand Vahan's Special Event

September 2020

A two day special event with the Owners of Artistic & Vahan; giving a beautiful opportunity to our clients to virtually speak to both the owners, learn and explore more about the brand, and receive a BOGO buy 1 get 1 50% offer!

Coralie Charriol's Visit to Artistic

February  2020

The owner of Charriol Brand, Coralie Charriol visited Artistic Jewelers, presenting Max Daswani with a Charriol Watch. 

We have been representing the brand for over a decade. 

Alwand Vahan's 50th Anniversary Visit

A beautiful visit at our store by Natalie, owner of Alwand Vahan during the 50th Anniversary of the brand.

Honoring us with the 50th anniversary plaque of the brand.

We have been exclusive dealers of Vahan on St. Thomas for over 10 years. 

October 2019

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