Emerald Cut Solitaire Diamond Band - Only for the Extraordinary

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

We at Artistic create custom creations with Beautiful, Rare and Responsibly sourced diamonds along with precious metals and bring your diamond dreams to reality.

Emerald, Radiants, Cushion & Asscher Cuts are our strength with exceptional finishing touches, will leave you breathless...

Emerald Cut Diamonds are one of the most unique shaped diamonds. Unlike other diamonds which have their brilliant cut sparkles, emerald cut diamonds shine in a more subtle way their unique step-cuts; Creating a mirror effect. Let's just say these diamonds are for those who only search for perfection. Emerald cuts do not hide imperfections because of their long step cuts. Due to the unusual cuts inclusions are easily visible in lower clarity diamonds.

The long step cuts of Emerald Cut Diamonds make them less scintillating even though they consist of 49 facets or more. These diamonds require perfection as lower clarity or color will be easily visible. If searching for a emerald cut diamond, the best would be to have one certified by GIA as these diamonds require perfection.

The custom made diamond ring we have showcased below is set in platinum; Consisting five emerald cut diamonds averaging 90 pointers each. Each stone is individually GIA certified. All calibrated from the same rough; Exceptional finishing with tiger claw prongs; Edge to Edge gap free setting; Perfection width to length ratio.

Our custom made pieces are mostly designed by Max Daswani, a GIA Diamond Graduate and also the owner of our own Artistic Jewelers. He hand picks diamonds as he believes in Three not two things.. QUALITY (not quantity) and service. His belief in being Artistic and delivering the best to his clients is what brings his clients coming back to the Artistic Family.

Feel Free to Contact Us to Create your own personalized creation or for more information regarding this exotic emerald cut diamond band.

Watch our exclusive video below about our exclusive custom made piece of jewelry!

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